Vape & Make magnets 5x1 for Squonker connectors

Item number: VM-TLF#-Magnets

It took a long time, but it has become even better. The Build Kit for the TLF# Squonker.

Developed in collaboration with TLF# and Vape & Make and manufactured by specialists in Spain, UK, USA and Germany.

Available now on eBay as a complete kit but also in individual components.

You can find the housing / door / button / lock ring on the usual place at Shapeways with the search term "TLF#" (links not allowed on eBay).

Everything else you need for this popular Sqounker comes along with the kit. Along with the copper sheets you will get the 510 connector, the bottle, two magnets, a satin ribbon for easier removal of the battery and a little microfiber cloth.

When ordering on Shapeways and ebay, assemble according to the enclosed instructions, screw on the BF/RDA, fill in the liquid and you're good to go with your TLF#.

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Pack of 2

  • Developed in collaboration between #TLF and Vape & Make
  • Available as a complete kit or in individual components
  • Contents: copper plates for the 510er and the bottle, magnets, satin ribbon
  • In the Plus version: additionall two high performance batteries
  • Free: the Coil Master microfibre cloth to clean the squonker

copper sheets
  • Made in Spain by MART&GON
  • Precisely cut and bent with rounded and degraded edges both on the outside and on the hole for the 510
  • bulges on the battery support surfaces.
  • Liquid Bottle
  • see under bottles
  • 510 Botton Feeder Connector

  • Made by ModMaker in England
  • Glass filled Peep Isolator (Peep = Polyetheretherketone, a high temperature resistant thermoplastic). Rigid wave spring (rings of corrugated flat wire) for better connection and significantly lower voltage drop.
  • Plus pole completely made of copper to achieve optimum conductivity. An O-ring integrated into the positive pole prevents leakages as far as possible. Housing of the connector made of high-quality stainless steel. It has an external thread in size M12 (12mm x 1mm).
  • magnets
  • Made of neodymium from ModMaker in England.
  • battery strap
  • For easier battery removal.
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Original from Coil Master from the USA. Optimally suitable for cleaning the squonker (but also suitable for glasses)
  • Vape & Make height adjustable Silicon bottle

  • Designed in collaboration with TLF. Produces super soft silicone with dark tint.
  • She has passed both the BFR XV test and the LFGB and EG 1935/2004 tests, as well as the American FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 test successfully passed. It is therefore considered to be food safe.
  • The bottle is adjustable in height by two accordion ribs. The height is between 45 and 50mm, the content 6 to 8ml (without hose) and the diameter17mm.
  • When using the accordion, Liquid is pushed upwards. This was not a bad thing in our attempts, you just have to be prepared for it and act with some skill. If possible, the bottle can also be inserted upside down.

  • Mod Maker Squonker Bottle Kit

  • The set consists of a very soft bottle, a stainless steel cap, a silicone tube and a silicone seal.
  • The bottle has a capacity of 8.5 ml (without hose in the bottle). The seal is not really necessary, but was added as a precaution.
  • To insert the hose into the cap, cut the hose at a 45 degree angle. Then carefully insert it into the hole, the easiest way being to rotate it. The hose sits very tightly and seals accordingly well.
  • There are a few things to keep in mind ? but maybe you've already discovered the ATTENTION notes on

  • Remove remaining dust from inside (under bottle bottom & battery belt slot)
  • make sure that the button is freely movable
  • Widen 510 hole if necessary
  • Battery tape on one side burns with lighter until it gets stuck in slot

  • Depending on the 510 (MM510) there is also an installation sequence, which you should observe

    1. Let the positive pole plate snap into place until it sits firmly and clicks into place (do not bend 90 degrees to get enough pressure on the button).
    2. Screw in the minus pole plate with 510 body (without core) halfway, so that you have enough play to get the core past the plate.
    3. Insert the battery so that pressure is applied to the positive pole plate and the button is in the final position.
    4. Lift sheet metal (just enough for the button to flop past)
    5. Fit the button with very thin double-sided adhesive and lower the sheet.
    6. AKKU RAUS !!!
    7. Install core (shorten pin for 8,5 bottles before)
    8. 510 (It is best to lock the nut and tighten it with an old Atty instead of tightening the nut with a pair of needle-nosed pliers)
    9. Have fun!