Vape & Make 510 Squonker connector, 22mm

Item number: VM-510BF-22-001

A 510 connector from Germany? Why not. The Germans engineers can do the same as the Americans and English.

The article has been optimized and redeveloped in many cases. It has led to significant improvements, especially in the areas of "volt drop" and "seat stability".

The reduction of the volt drop is achieved essentially by two measures. On the one hand, the entire plus pole is gilded. This includes both, the tube in the center core and the nut. On the other hand, the nut is flattened at the side. As a result, the sheet has an area of  5.3 x 4mm.

The nut is held with an Allen key screw. As a result, it is adjustable in height. By tighten, it pulls the flattened side to the gilded tube. Another Pro in case of the volt drop.

The 510er and the nut are designed as left-threaded. It makes the installation into the mod a bit difficult. However, there is no risk of accidental loosening the connector during use.

The connector is available in silver and black. The black paint was applied by PVD coating. It´s hardness is greater than 2000HV, so no scratches here. Furthermore, the coating is electrically conductive. Between mother and top-cap there is no cover to allow a better flow of current.

The center core has a silicone ring incorporated. It is not necessary but serves a double security.

The entire center core is pressed into the 510er. That means nothing can be solved in the long run.

Colour / Vari Nut

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Vape & Make 510 Squonker connector, 22mm7,96

  • Developed in cooperation with our partner Feed3D Mods
  • Left-hand thread against accidental release
  • Adjustable nut (stopper plate) with flattened contact point
  • Plus-pole contacts completely gold-plated
  • Please take a look at our favorable bundle with the innovative Vari-Nut
    • Center Core: Spring-loaded, spring without current-conducting function
    • Material connector: 304L stainless steel
    • Material insulation: PEEK, 9mm diameter
    • Material nut: brass
    • Material nut: brass, gold plated
    • Nut contact surface: gold-plated, 5.3 x 4mm
    • Evaporator bearing surface: gold-plated, 4mm diameter
    • Grub screw nut: 1.5 Allen key
    • Sealing ring: Silicone, 6 x 1 mm
      • 1 x Squonker 510 connector
      • 1 x nut for fastening
      • 1 x nut for stop plate
      • 1 x silicone ring (built into connector)
      • 1 x Allen key for maggot screw
      • Other components depending on the nut selected

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