Power MOSFET IRLB3034PBF, N-channel, opt. resistor 15k and fuse TA15-9-72

Item number: IRLB-3034PBF-0

  • The best MOSFET for mod building
  • Original by International Rectifier from the USA
  • Allows the use of any fire button. Also recommended as safety for high ampere fire buttons.
  • 15K Ohm resistor and resettable fuse MHP-TA15-9-72
  • Resets when temperature drops

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The best MOSFET for mod building. With sufficient power reserves for all cases.

Original from International Rectifier, directly from the USA. Allows the use of (almost) any fire button. But also for high ampere fire probes as safety strongly recommended.

As an accessory we offer 15K Ohm resistor. This means that the useful current and the control current can come from the same source. On the other hand, the offer includes the resettable fuse MHP-TA15-9-72. This is designed for 15 Ampere and triggers automatically at 72 degrees Celesius. She'll stand back alone when the temperature drops. An additional plus for your security.

If you are using a rechargeable battery, the variation with one backup is sufficient. This allows you to use currents of up to 15 amps. For two (parallel) batteries please select the variant with two fuses and use one fuse per battery. You can then reach currents up to 30 Amperes.

  • 1 x MOSFET IRLB3034PBF
  • Depending on selection: none, one or two Resettable fuses MHP-TA15-9-72
  • Depending on selection: none or one carbon layer resistance 15 kOhm
  • Datenblatt MOSFET

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