Original Source 510 Connector vFlat 30mm Top Cap

  • Designed by EVOLV - the manufacturer of the DNA chipsets
  • Produced by Steath-Vape in England
  • Available with 22 mm, 24 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm Top Cap
  • Flat Top - without cutouts
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Designed by EVOLV in the USA, the manufacturer of the famous DNA chipsets and produced by Stealth in England, the Source 510 connector.

Available with 22mm, 24mm, 25mm or 30mm top cap, each as "flat top", i.e. without cutouts. i.e. without recesses. Since the top cap is only 1mm thick, it is not necessary to make a recess in the housing.

Available in five different series, each with a different design / type of solder joint. The design is available in silver (stainless steel), black and with motif. The soldering point can be chosen between a central pin (as with other connectors) and a flat surface (vFlat).

The connector can be soldered without prior disassembly. Use flux and do not exceed the melting point of PTFE at 327 ° C.

Top cap Ø: 22 mm 30 mm
Height: 12.75 mm