Original ModDog LabFet V1

Item number: MD-Labfet

  • The original board from ModDog / Steelabs.
  • Probably the safest Mosfet board on the market!
  • All boards are made in Europe and assembled in Italy by the Steelabs team to ensure the best quality possible.

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Suitable accessories
  • Suitable accessories
    • Composition: 3.5 % silver, 0.7 % copper, 93.8 % tin; flux content: 2 %; melting point 217° C
    • significantly improved electrical conductivity due to silver content (3.5 %)
    • no cleaning of solder joints after soldering necessary
    • "no-clean solution" with continuous flux cores
    • halogen-free and low smoke emission
  • Suitable accessories
    • The EFSC15ML protective lacquer can be used to extend the service life of printed circuit boards.
    • Can be removed with solvents
    • High protective effect in humid environment
    • Can be brazed through for rework
    • Very high surface contact resistance
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C and IPC-CC-830

    Documentation and Downloads

Original ModDog LabFet V1


The LabFet from Steelabs is a Mosfet board that has been manufactured with user safety in mind.

It comes with mounting tabs for screws to facilitate mounting, which are removable if needed.

It ensures optimum output power thanks to its very low resistance across the output stage.

Please read the manual available for download before purchasing.

Also note that the conformal coating applied is pretty much useless unless you also coat the solder joints. You can do this yourself after the soldering process with this recommended product.


Funktionen und Schutzvorrichtungen

  • Kurzschlussschutz am Ausgang
  • Schutz gegen Übertemperatur
  • "Smart battery" Schutz
  • Automatische Einstellung der umgekehrten Polarität (die Ausrichtung der Batterie spielt keine Rolle, sie funktioniert in beiden Richtungen)
  • Unterspannungsschutz
  • Puffzeitbegrenzung (mit Verriegelungsschutz)
  • 5 Klicks Verriegelung-Entriegelung
  • Automatischer Schlafmodus
  • RGB-LED für deutliches Benutzer-Feedback
  • Polyurethan-konforme Beschichtung