Fat Daddy 510 Connector 3LP, 22mm Top-Cap

Item number: FDV-3LP-22

  • The original from the USA
  • Isulation made of zirconia ceramic. This material can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C and offers excellent insulation.
  • High performance connector with a permanent load of up to 500 watts
  • Suitable for all chipsets on the market
  • With 11,25mm also suitable for small mods

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Suitable accessories
  • Suitable accessories
    • Simple but ingenious tool
    • Fixes the 510 connector for easy installation
  • Suitable accessories
    • Composition: 3.5 % silver, 0.7 % copper, 93.8 % tin; flux content: 2 %; melting point 217° C
    • significantly improved electrical conductivity due to silver content (3.5 %)
    • no cleaning of the soldering points after soldering necessary
    • "No-clean solution" with continuous flux cores
    • halogen-free and low smoke emission
  • Suitable accessories
    • 1 meter each red and black
    • Highly flexible and fine-stranded according to DIN VDE 0295 Kl.6
    • Single cores with 0.05mm² (up to 16AWG), resp. 0.07mm² (from 18AWG)
    • Temperature range -80 to 260 °C
    • Designed for up to 48 Volt
Fat Daddy 510 Connector 3LP, 22mm Top-Cap


The original from Fat Daddy directly from the USA.

Here the version 3 Low Profile, the first of a completely new generation of connectors.

Zirconia ceramic is used here as insulation between plus and minus pole. This material, known from ceramic tweezers, can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C and offers excellent electrical insulation.

The connector is therefore absolutely suitable for high performance and can be permanently loaded with up to 500 watts. Even at this power nothing melts, the connector only gets hot. It is therefore suitable for all chipsets on the market and certainly also for the next and the next but one generation.

It is very short with 11.25mm and thus fits perfectly even in small mods.

Height: 11.25 mm
Top cap Ø: 22 mm