"Dripp3D DNA Complete Kit

Item number: VM-Dripp3D-DNA

  • All required parts available
  • Developed by Dripp3D
  • Original Dripp3D Box

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510er Connector, 22mm Top Cap
510er Connector, 22mm Top Cap
    • The Original from the USA
    • A special variation with non changeable, 1mm thick Top Cap
    • Available in short and long with 12.5 mm and 14 mm length respectively
    • Top Cap in sizes 15 mm, 22 mm or 22 mm Flat Top available
    • With up to 400° Celsius heat-resistant O-rings and insulators and integrated, one-piece power connection
    • The Original from the USA
    • Isulation of zirconia ceramic. This material can withstand temperatures above 1000°C and offers excellent insulation.
    • High performance connector with a permanent load capacity of up to 500 Watt
    • Suitable for all chipsets on the market
    • With 11,25mm also suitable for small mods
    • Particularly compact by reducing the size to M10
    • Extra large solder hole for cables up to 10AWG
    • Two O-rings for absolute tightness
    • Materials PEEP with glass fibre, copper, silver plated brass.
    • Extra strong spring with 4,2N for low Volt-Drop
Your configuration
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  • Cabling serial

Not sure if you already checked out the ATTENTION notes on Shapeways.com but there are some small things to pay attention for:

  • scrap out the rest of powder especially below the bottom plate of the bottle and the slot of the battery strap
  • evtl. widen the holes of the button and 510 to get a proper fit
  • to get the battery strap sit tight burn down one end with a lighter until it stuck in the hole
  • don't bend the positive battery to full 90 degrees to get a proper tension on the button
  • to fix the button use a thin piece of adhesive tape

  • Depending on what 510 (MM510) you are using it is helpful to follow the steps below for assembling

    1. install the positive battery plate
    2. install the negative battery plate without tighten the 510
    3. install a battery to get the final plate position
    4. install the button by lifting the positive battery plate
    6. if you want to use 8,5ml bottle you'll have to shorten the 510 Pin
    7. tighten the 510 and the negative battery plate and you're good to go (try to fix the nut and then tighten the 510 with an old Atty instead of trying to tighten the nut)